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Monday 24th February 2020

7:00amQuranic Recitation
7:30amFollowing The Prophet (saws) Pt.1
8:30amProphet Story Series
9:00am3 Golden Advices For A Better Society
10:00amThe Purpose of Mankind’s Creation
11:00amUnderstanding Halaal & Haraam
12:50pmZuhar Adhaan
1:30pmYou are a Precious Trust
3:30pmTafseer Surah Al-Fatiha
4:00pmProphet Story Series
4:30pmAsr Adhaan
5:00pmHelping Each Other In Goodness & Piety
6:00pmMaghrib Adhaan
6:30pmFollowing The Prophet (saws) Pt.2
7:30pmIsha Adhaan
8:00pmT.I.N. Feature Presentation Khutbah
8:30pmT.I.N. Feature Presentation Lecture
10:00pmScenes from the Kabah