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Saturday 1st February 2020

7:00amQuranic Recitation
7:30amThe Music Of Life
8:30amProphet Story Series
9:00amOpening your heart to the light
10:30amNasheeds Feature
11:30amDhikrullah (Remembrance Of Allah)
12:50pmZuhar Adhaan
1:30pmHumour & Banter In The Life Of Muhammad (saws)
2:00pmSix Events To Qiyaamah
4:00pmProphet Story Series
4:30pmAsr Adhaan
5:30pmPersevering Against Terrorism
6:00pmMaghrib Adhaan
6:30pmShaykh Shafayat Khutbah
7:30pmIsha Adhaan
8:00pmCharacter Correction Course
9:30pmProtecting Ourselves From Fitnahs
10:00pm Scenes from the Kabah